NBQA Workshops

Please be sure to check the times and locations for each workshop.

The program’s team is always looking for help and suggestions.  Workshops may be available to outside members for an additional fee.  For further information, inquiries, questions, or interest in hosting a workshop please contact Gail Macera via e-mail at [email protected].

There will be a lunch break of 45 minutes to 1 hour. To maximize class time, you may want to bring a lunch, otherwise, there are several lunch places nearby.
Do not bring an iron even if one is specified on the class supply list. Irons will be provided.
Please read these important workshop guidelines
  • Workshop location will be announced.
  • Workshops are held on various days of the week. Cost of a workshop will vary depending on the cost of the instructor etc. In general, workshops will be priced to cover the cost of running that workshop. Workshops are limited to 20 participants.
  • To attend a workshop, you must register and pay in full in advance. Do this by seeking out the Program Chairperson Chrissy Bonin, at a General Meeting.   For questions…contact her via email at [email protected].
  •  For your comfort you might want to dress in layers and bring a seat cushion.
  • You are welcome to bring a snack for yourself and/or a snack to share with other workshop participants.
  • Do not bring an iron even if one is specified on the class supply list. Irons will be provided.
  • There will be a lunch break around noon. You may bring a bag lunch including a beverage or go out to get your lunch at local fast foods. A refrigerator is available to store lunches.
  • Please make every effort to gather all the supplies on the supply list.
  • Please remember to turn your cell phone ring off at the workshop so that you do not disturb other participants.
  • Please wear a name tag. Stick-ons will be available at the workshop.
  • Guild Policy states that if you are unable to attend the workshop, the workshop fee will be refunded only if your spot is filled two weeks previous to the workshop.
  • Classes and class space are available only to registered, paid participants. No “auditing” of classes is permitted. No concurrent use of the workspace for other projects is permitted. 

Workshop Schedule

01 Jun
Fidget Mat Workshop
East Greenwich United Methodist Church + Google Map